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What You Have to Know About Fiber Optic Adaptors

March 30, 2022

Latest company case about What You Have to Know About Fiber Optic Adaptors
Fiber optic adaptors can precisely connect two connectors and ensure the transmission of the most light sources while reducing the loss as much as possible. So, do you know what types of fiber optic adaptors are available? What factors should be considered when choosing a fiber optic adaptor and how to properly clean it after using it? The following will introduce the relevant knowledge about fiber optic adaptors and answer the above questions for you.
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What Is A Fiber Optic Adaptor?
Fiber optic adaptors are one of the most widely used basic components in fiber optic communications, also known as fiber optic couplers or fiber optic flanges, and are usually used in fiber optic link connections in telecommunication networks, cable television networks, and local area networks. The function of the optical fiber adaptor is mainly to realize the docking of the same or different optical fiber active connectors under the condition of small loss (that is the impact on the system is extremely small). As we all know, the key to optical fiber connection is the precise alignment of the optical fiber core, but the traditional connection methods have certain defects, such as welding cracks, pores, slag inclusions, lack of fusion or incomplete penetration, etc. The difference between the fiber optic adaptor is that it has its own alignment sleeve inside, which can accurately locate the fiber optic connector and ensure the accuracy of the connection to achieve high-performance connection between fiber optic patch cords.
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Common Types of Fiber Adaptors
There are many types of fiber optic adaptors. The following mainly introduces four common types of fiber optic adaptors: LC fiber optic adaptors, FC fiber optic adaptors, SC fiber optic adaptors, and bare fiber optic adaptors.
LC Fiber Optic Adaptor
The connector of the LC fiber optic adaptor is a small square, which is divided into single-mode and multi-mode LC fiber optic adaptors according to different fiber types. The connector types include LC-LC, LC-FC, LC-SC, LC-ST and LC-MU. The LC fiber optic adaptor can be installed on the adaptor panel for connecting LC fiber optic patch cords or LC fiber optic connectors, etc.
SC Fiber Adapter
SC fiber optic adaptors have large square heads and various types, such as standard female-female SC fiber optic adaptors and hybrid SC fiber optic adaptors (such as SC-LC fiber optic adaptors). Currently, most SC fiber optic adaptors use ceramic ferrules, but multimode SC fiber optic adaptors with bronze ferrules are also seen. SC fiber optic adaptors are characterized by high compressive strength, small insertion loss fluctuation, high installation density, stability and reliability, and can be used to connect SC fiber optic patch cords or SC connectors.
FC Fiber Adaptor
The FC fiber optic adaptor connector is circular, similar to the LC fiber optic adaptor type, and has single and multi-mode points. The connector types include LC-FC, SC-FC and FC-ST. This fiber optic adaptor adopts a metal shell and a ceramic sleeve on the outside, and the fastening method is a turnbuckle, which is stable and reliable, and can be used to connect FC fiber optic patch cords or FC connectors.
Bare Fiber Adaptor
Bare fiber optic adaptors are special fiber optic adaptors that connect bare fiber optic cables to optical devices. This type of adaptor allows cables to be installed into connection slots, whether for accessories or electronic devices.
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Factors to Consider When Choosing A Fiber Optic Adaptor
Since there are many types of fiber optic adaptors, and the appearance of fiber optic adaptors from different suppliers is very similar, you may not know how to choose. In general, when choosing a fiber optic adapter, you should consider the following two points.
Connector and Cable Types
First, determine the fiber optic adaptor type based on the connecting cable type and connector type. Such as:
1. If the fiber optic adaptor is connected to a single-mode fiber optic patch cord, select a single-mode fiber optic adaptor. If a multi-mode fiber optic patch cord is connected, use a multi-mode fiber optic adaptor.
2. The connector types connected at both ends of the fiber optic adapter are the same, select the fiber optic adaptor with the same connector type, such as LC-LC fiber optic adaptor, but if the connected connectors are of different types, you need to choose a hybrid fiber optic adaptor, such as LC-SC Fiber optic adapters. The fiber optic adaptor with which connector is selected depends on the type of connector connected.
Alignment Sleeve Material
Secondly, the optical fiber adaptor made of ceramic quasi-tube material is preferred. The alignment sleeve is the most important part of the fiber optic adaptor. Some manufacturers choose metal as the material of the alignment sleeve, but it has been verified that the fiber optic adaptor made of ceramic is far better than the use of metal as the alignment sleeve. This is because the crystal structure of ceramics is very hard and does not deform over time like metal materials, so it can achieve high-precision fiber end-face connections while quickly aligning. ORYARWA fiber optic adapters all use high Quality ceramic sleeves and high-density production technology, which can realize high-precision fiber end face connections.
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How to Clean Fiber Optic Adaptors
Although the fiber optic adaptor is relatively small and is a small part in the fiber optic cabling, this does not affect its important position in the fiber optic cabling system, and like other fiber optic equipment, it needs to be cleaned regularly. There are two main cleaning methods, dry cleaning and wet cleaning.
Dry Cleaning: First, insert a dry cleaning rod into the fiber optic adapter, turn it to clean and take it out, then align the cleaning rod with the inside of the sleeve, clean the connector inside the fiber optic adapter, and check whether the end face of the connector is contaminated.
Wet Cleaning: First, dip the cleaning stick into the fiber cleaning solution, insert the wet cleaning stick into the adapter, and turn the cleaning stick on the surface of the alignment sleeve, then take a dry cotton swab to clean the connector inside the fiber optic adapter, Check the connector end face again for contamination.
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For fiber optic adaptors, fiber alignment is very important. If the fiber is not properly aligned, there will be large losses at the connection, and if the loss is too large, the network will not operate. In a fiber optic communication system, no matter how simple or small a component is, it will play a vital role in the entire system. In addition, ORYARWA has many types of fiber optic adaptors for you to choose from. They have the advantages of low insertion loss, good interchangeability and repeatability, high temperature and acid and alkali resistance, and stable performance. They are definitely your fiber link connection. the best choice. For more details about fiber optic adaptor products, you can go to the ORYARWA official website to view the product details page, consult customer service or call the VIP hotline: 0086 135 3017 1335.
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